Sell the dream with an effective and easy to understand medium


What is a fly-through?

A fly-through animation captures the camera moving through a scene or a map, created using 3D software, which represents what it would be like to be present within the scene. This form of marketing is the best way to show off interiors and exteriors of a location and ultimately tell a story about a property scheme. To make a fly-through even more unique it is possible to customise each video so that they are specific to a client or a potential tenant.  



What are the benefits?

  • Fully customisable to a client or tenants brand
  • Developable into an app
  • Scenes of any size
  • Viewable and compatible on PC, Mac, tablets and phones
  • Browser compatible, IE, Firefox, Safari & Chrome
  • Developable into augmented reality
  • Shows off a whole scheme, inc. interiors and exteriors
  • Drone photography used to make background scenes more realistic